This tumblr is dedicated to Jon M. Chu's webseries entitled, The LXD (The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers). It will feature chapter summaries, fanart. reviews, theories, etc.

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Alright after much thought and talking to Anne about this… we have decided that we need help with this tumblr and are looking for ONE person to join our staff on LXD Central. If you are interested… please submit the following into the ASK box….


Tumblr Name:

AIM/MSN/Skype: (Anne and I have all three of these and if you’re chosen… we would like to get to know you better as well)

What can you contribute to this tumblr?: Graphics? Summaries? Theories?…. particular summaries because I [Sherrie] have been rather busy lately so I couldn’t do them this season. If you are able to give graphics… please give us links examples….

Why do you think we should pick you?:

We do ask that you have an ask box that works as well. All applicants should have the form in the ask box by December 4th, 2011 at 11:59 PM EST…. in other words you have a week to submit it. Hope to see a lot of applicants.

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bettyko said: So, this has been driving me crazy: in "Elliot's Shoes" one of the songs he dances to is "You Leave Me Breathless" - the original is by Ella Fitzgerald, I know that much, but I've been trying to track down the exact version they used in the episode. No luck so far. Any idea who sings it? Thanks!! :)

From what I know… most of the songs that were used were originals made especially for the series. But unfortunately I don’t know who sings the version that was sung in Chapter Eight: Elliot’s Shoes. Maybe try tweeting Jon M. Chu, Chris Scott, or Harry about it? 

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If you missed it, here is the LXD performance on CONAN.  Shout out to all the performers, Christopher Scott and J.P. Buck for making all this come to life.

Season 2 ends on Tuesday…

Which means…. I’ll PROBABLY have time to make the picspams and summaries. I’m just also letting you guys know… I DIDN’T FORGET ABOUT YOU!!! I sort of have a list of what I have to do… and this includes the picspams, summaries, and fanfics that are supposed to be Christmas presents. So naturally I’ll probably do the fanfics first because I get writer’s block VERY easily.


Yeah… been a while since I actually posted something for you guys. But hey give me a break… I do have a life outside the internet. 

Yeah… been a while since I actually posted something for you guys. But hey give me a break… I do have a life outside the internet. 

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Announcement: The LXD is taking a hiatus this week and next episode will air next week

Yeah… that’s actually what Jon said. So this weekend (other than me finishing something to do with the Changster Chronicles) will be dedicated to getting some things for you… particularly summaries. But as it’s been said before… you ARE able to send in things as well by click that submit link at the right of this page. It could be random quotes by the members, pictures, videos, it doesn’t matter. 



No I’m not writing them yet. But anyway would you guys rather have summaries each week like how I did it… or do you want it all compacted into one huge post for the whole season? Mind you… the whole season one would take longer. And I don’t mind doing the each episode summary in separate posts. I probably won’t be able to do these until after Black Friday because I have an important project to do until then. But yeah… would you want me to wait for the whole season to finish or do it the old way I used to?

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